Our Process

You can get an estimate in just a few steps

You can call us

You can call and schedule an appointment with one of our staff members.

You can Email Us Or Send a Fax

You can fax or email the layout with the measurements along with your contact information, and we will provide the quotes, as per your dimensions. It is recommended that you provide us with as much information as possible.

Some of the details required include: Layout, Measurements, Type of natural stone and Edge.

Your contact information

Personal information such as contact information, job address and other important details that would help in determining the quote for the project.


Before you place an order, it is recommended that the following procedures be complete in the home:

Installation of the cabinets
Placement of all the kitchen appliances in their locations
Placement of the sink on location since we will need to take it to the shop for use as a sink cut out template.

The removal of the old countertops as well as the detachment of the cook tops and sinks before the template is carried out. Our staff does not handle electricity or plumbing. After the completion of all the above, you can contact us and we will schedule an appointment to carry out the template.